January 30, 2023

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OKBET NBA | PayPal’s sponsorship will not be renewed if Sarver is associated with the Suns organization

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OKBET NBA | PayPal's sponsorship will not be renewed if Sarver is associated with the Suns organization



Paypal – Following the decision to suspend Robert Sarver, the Phoenix Suns find themselves in an intriguing situation as a result of the decision. The final seconds before the end have been counted down. Robert Sarver’s ego is the only thing that is preventing him from stepping down from his position. And it is a significant one.

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that Robert Sarver does not enjoy a great level of support among the supporters of the squad. His actions haven’t gone down well with the fans of the Phoenix franchise for a number of reasons, including rumors, moving the team, and his behavior prior to the probe. Remember, Greta? Robert Sarver has scoffed and looked the other way whenever Suns fans have had the opportunity to express their opinion throughout his tenure as general manager of the Suns.

There are now additional voices speaking out about Sarver, and the weight of these voices is greater than before.

First, it was the players who showed their displeasure with the decision of the NBA to only suspend Sarver for one year and punish him $10 million — oh, and he has to undergo a sensitivity training — as Chris Paul and LeBron James aired their consternation via Twitter.

The common folk? Check.

The City of Phoenix was the next to voice their displeasure with the decision, stating that it was a “ineffective disciplinary action” on the part of the NBA. In a statement that Mayor Kate Gallego and other members of the Phoenix City Council issued, they announced that they will study the various courses of action that they could take in relation to the issue.

Where are we? Check.

What are the minority owners of the Suns thinking about this? While fellow Vice Chairman Jahm Najafi has demanded that Sarver step down from his position, Vice Chairman Sam Garvin has been given the responsibility of serving as the team’s governor during an interim period.

The owners of the Suns?

Now Sarver may suffer damage where it matters the most: his checkbook. PayPal, whose brand has been on the uniforms of the Phoenix Suns since the start of the 2018–19 season, has recently made threats to terminate their sponsorship relationship with the franchise.


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