January 30, 2023

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OKBET NBA : Lonzo Ball will miss the start of the season for the Chicago Bulls after undergoing knee surgery next week

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OKBET NBA : Lonzo Ball will miss the start of the season for the Chicago Bulls after undergoing knee surgery next week



As the Chicago Bulls look for a solution to the ongoing problem with their primary point guard’s ailment, Lonzo Ball will have surgery on his left knee the following week and will therefore miss the beginning of the season.

The Bulls made the announcement on Wednesday that Ball will have an arthroscopic debridement of his left knee on September 28. This is an operation that removes cartilage, tissue, and other debris from the affected area. Ball has spent the offseason working to rehab the injury that he initially sustained in January and the treatment will take place in Los Angeles, where Ball has been spending the offseason.

Following the treatment, Ball will be reassessed between four and six weeks later; this will keep him out of action for at least the first five games of the season. It is likely that his absence will continue for a longer period.

Ball will have gone more than 10 months without being able to run at full speed or scrimmage with contact by the time he is reevaluated, and the volume of games he has missed will need a lengthy onboarding process before he can return to the weekly workload of the regular season.

In the meantime, Ball’s absence creates a huge void in the Bulls lineup, and the team will rely on Ayo Dosunmu, a point guard who is in his second year as a professional, and Alex Caruso, a veteran who has played the position before.

after surgery on January 28 to repair a meniscus problem in his left knee, all’s road to recovery appeared to be a straightforward one. The Bulls anticipated that Ball would make a return before the end of the regular season so that he could direct the offense for them in the postseason.

Ball continued to suffer from pain and discomfort, which stopped him from running at his peak speed because it was complicated by a deep bone bruise that occurred in the same knee. He was finally benched in the middle of the first-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks because of his poor performance.

The front office of the Bulls did not provide much information about Lonzo Ball’s road to recovery over the course of the summer, but executive vice president of basketball operations Artras Karniovas and general manager Marc Eversley both gave hints that they had concerns about Ball’s ability to play again during the offseason.

Lonzo Ball

OKBET NBA : Lonzo Ball will miss the start of the season for the Chicago Bulls after undergoing knee surgery next week

“He’s making some headway. Karniovas stated as much on July 12 while participating in an NBA TV program. “That’s all I can say,” “He is getting better, though most likely not as quickly as we would want, but he is getting better. We have high expectations that he will be able to participate in training camp, but at this point, those are just aspirations.

Throughout his whole career, Ball has struggled with a variety of injuries. After suffering injuries to his adductor, knee, hip flexor, shoulder, and thumb during his previous stints with the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans, he has never played more than 65 percent of a single season. He has had a sprained MCL, a torn ankle ligament, and injuries to his adductor, knee, and hip flexor.

As the Bulls get ready to start training camp on Tuesday, they are in the midst of a significant problem over the position vacated by Ball. Because they did not make an effort to acquire another key ballhandler throughout the offseason, they will have little choice but to rely on Dosunmu and Caruso when the regular season begins.

In addition to his ability to ignite the Bulls in transition with precision passes, Ball possesses nearly unmatched defensive reflexes. Without Ball, it was difficult for the Bulls to keep up their defensive pressure in the remaining months of the regular season.


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