January 30, 2023

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OKBET NBA : Kyrie Irving – Vaccine mandates are one of the “greatest human rights violations in history”

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OKBET NBA : Kyrie Irving - Vaccine mandates are one of the "greatest human rights violations in history"



Kyrie Irving – Around an hour and a half after New York Mayor Eric Adams told reporters that he is canceling the private employer vaccine mandate but keeping it for municipal workers, the most prominent critic of New York Mayor Eric Adams’s policies and those of his predecessor sent out a tweet in which they expressed their disagreement with Adams’s decision.

As a reminder of Irving’s anti-vaccine attitude from the previous season, the exaggerated comment that slavery, the Holocaust, and the Trail of Tears would seem to be bigger transgressions than a policy that is geared at saving lives rather than taking them has been brought to our attention. Because of the immunizations, he missed 53 games, which in turn led to contentious contract discussions for him and Kevin Durant’s suggestion that the team trade him. It will also add yet another contentious issue on the agenda for Monday’s Media Day, which already features a packed schedule.

In addition to that, it was his second controversial move in the past five days involving social media. Alex Jones of InfoWars, who has propagated (and made millions off selling) some of the biggest lies in recent American history, was cited by him in an interview that took place last week. Jones is possibly the most prominent conspiracy theorist in the United States. Specifically, Irving shared a video by Jones that was recorded in 2002. In the video, Jones alleged that there is a plot by a group known as the “New World Order” to utilize “diseases and viruses and plagues” as a way of exerting control. Irving shared this video on his website.

Irving’s tweet on Tuesday looked to be directed toward people who had lost their job as a result of the city’s vaccination mandates. According to estimates, this included approximately 1,500 city workers. There is no information available regarding the number of employees who have been let go from private companies… or what will become of those individuals now that the mandate has been removed. According to reports, Eli Carter, a development coach with the Nets, was fired as a result of the mandate because of his refusal to get vaccinated. Since then, Irving has shown their support for Carter’s “More than a run” campaign.

Late in the month of March, Mayor Adams removed the restriction that professional sportsmen like Irving receive vaccinations, making it possible for Irving to finally compete at Barclays Center, even during the NBA playoffs. During that time period, Adams came under fire from local companies that shouted hypocrisy.

The comments were made by the mayor on Tuesday, at the same time that he started a commercial campaign pushing city residents to undergo booster shots targeted directly at the omicron version of COVID. Adams, who had his own boost at City Hall, made the observation that “The most frightening portion of the epidemic may be in our rear view mirror.” [Citation needed]

Data collected and reviewed earlier this year by Brown University and Microsoft AI Health revealed that more than 300,000 people in the United States, including more than 11,000 in the state of New York, lost their lives to COVID as a result of some level of vaccine resistance. More than one million people in the United States have succumbed to COVID, the vast majority of them after vaccinations became accessible.


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