January 30, 2023

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OKBET NBA : The Utah Jazz engage Jeff Hornacek as Will Hardy’s consultant

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OKBET NBA : The Utah Jazz engage Jeff Hornacek as Will Hardy's consultant



Will Hardy’s position with the Utah Jazz has been strengthened with the addition of Jeff Hornacek as a consultant.

In addition to Jeff Hornacek’s return to the Jazz bench, the organization also revealed its new cadre of assistant coaches, who will include Alex Jensen, Lamar Skeeter, and Bryan Bailey.

The remainder of the Jazz’s coaching staff was also revealed by the team. In the words of the Utah Jazz:

The Utah Jazz announced today that Alex Jensen, Lamar Skeeter, and Bryan Bailey will serve as assistant coaches on first-year head coach Will Hardy’s staff with Evan Bradds, Irv Roland, Sean Sheldon, and Jason Terry. Chris Jones and Sanjay Lumpkin will serve as player development coaches. In addition, Jeff Hornacek will rejoin the Jazz as a coaching consultant, and Becca Ward will serve as director of team operations.

It’s a big announcement that marks another milestone on the way to training camp, so stay tuned for that!

The arrival of Hornacek once again is cause for celebration for a number of different reasons. First, Hornacek is a worthy candidate to support the coaching staff and to consult with Hardy. He should also be considered for this role. Ten years ago, Hornacek worked as an assistant coach with the Jazz. Since then, he has served as a coach on a number of different teams throughout the league, most recently with the Houston Rockets.

This first-year head coach for the Jazz will benefit greatly from having that expertise as he works to establish himself during the next season. The other reason is that… It’s a smart decision for the audience in general. After everything that Jazz fans have been through this offseason, it is comforting to see a recognizable face from one of the team’s most successful eras.

This is one method to preserve the achievements of the past while also laying the foundation for a culture of success in the years to come.


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